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Edward Villareal

Edward Villarreal is currently serving as a Police Officer with 20 years of experience. I have been a certified firearms instructor through NMDPS since 2006. Recently certified as an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor.

Certified Low light Instructor

I have been a certified Low Light instructor through the Surefire Institute since 2006. I have also been a certified Force on Force instructor through Simmunition and ATK since 2007. For the past 15 years, I have helped train several police officers, police academies, biannual law enforcement classes, and the SWAT team in the above-mentioned areas.


I served on the department SWAT team for several years. This did allow me the opportunity to not only attend a basic Swat course but the FBI SWAT course as well. I currently have 32 years of Firearms experience.

Basic Firearms Training – Las Cruces

This includes basic firearms, tactical firearms, few years of competition shooting, advanced handgun, and rifle instruction, as well. Most of my Police experience has been at the patrol level. I also served several years as a K9 Officer and a few years as a Detective. This experience, plus having served 12 years in the US Army, in an infantry combat unit, has allowed me to gain an exceptional range of Real-World Experience.

Sharing my experiences

I want to share this experience and knowledge with the Law-Abiding citizen in order to help you protect yourself and your loved ones. I want to share this experience and knowledge with Law Enforcement Officers in order to help you stay safe, to provide up-to-date/current training, to help you win that violent encounter, and to better help you protect the community.

Erik GuerraErick Guerra has served in a law enforcement capacity since 1998, starting with the Dona Ana County Detention Center. Then joining the Las Cruces Police Department in 2000.

He was assigned to the patrol division from 2000- 2014. While in the patrol division, he served as a Field Training Officer for 6 years and did attend and successfully graduated from the LCPD SWAT Basic Course.

He was also a member of the department’s patrol rifle program. He then promoted to the rank of Detective and served in this position until his retirement in 2018. Since retiring from the Las Cruces Police Department, he has worked in the private security sector.

He has worked on contracted “executive protection” assignments for CEO’s of major companies and investment firms. He worked private security for two years and is now enrolled in the Nuclear Surety Program at White Sands Missile Range with the Department of Defense, serving as a guard for a nuclear sight. He has also obtained his Federal Firearms License.

Ralph Monget InstructorRalph Monget. Served for 25 1/2 years as a certified law enforcement officer. 22 1/2 years with the Las Cruces Police Department, and 3 years as a Reserve Officer with the New Mexico State University Police Department.

His assignments include Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations Detective, Uniform Patrol Sergeant, and Criminal Investigations Sergeant. He also served on the LCPD SWAT Team for 19 years, rising through the ranks from Entry Team Member to overall Team Commander.

During his tenure on SWAT, he has had the opportunity to train with and be trained by both law enforcement and Tier 1 military operations personnel.

As SWAT Team Commander, he oversaw the training and operational tempo of the departments 20 man tactical team and 10 man Hostage Negotiations Team. As the state’s second largest municipal police department. LCPD SWAT was called upon to assist NMSP Tactical with operations throughout southern New Mexico all the way to the Texas and Arizona borders.  

 Ralph Has hundreds of hours of advanced training in tactical and command level courses and is Certified through NMDPS in Law Enforcement Operations, Criminal Investigations, SWAT Operations, and Less Lethal Impact Munitions. He has also received instructor certification in Active Shooter Training and Urban Rifle Instructor.

Ralph has instructed local, state, federal and military personnel in Basic SWAT courses and has been called upon by outside agencies to conduct training and operational evaluations of their respective teams.

Ralph served in the U.S. Army both Active and Reserve for 21 years, retiring in 2005 as an     E8/ First Sergeant. Ralph served combat tours during Operation Desert Storm 1990-1991 and Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003.

Ralph currently works part time as a federal security officer/training in Las Cruces and is also an Adjunct Instructor with Technicon Training and Consulting Services.


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